We learn at an early age that we are not meant to touch artwork with our hands. We understand that it is only with our eyes that we are permitted to approach and appreciate it. Essentially, we must rely on our vision to experience what lies before us.

Glenna Tissenbaum creates compelling acrylic-based abstract paintings. Her artwork is of a textural nature, with layers imposed on top of one another, encouraging the viewer's eyes to roam over its surface, such as one might follow a road map to a destination waiting to be revealed.

Driven by a relentlessly curious mind, she is continually researching and perfecting her grasp of the next technique that will further enhance her abstract vision. 

Entirely self-taught, her innate understanding of color, shape, composition and form
has led to her distinctive artistic style. 

Glenna Tissenbaum's creations can be found in private and corporate collections.


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